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Industrial Park Platform  - IPP is a global knowledge platform that serves as a resource centre for industrial parks (also called special economic zones, industrial districts, corridors, etc.) and other related area development initiatives around the world.

Our mission is to promote partnerships and cooperation; to connect experts and facilitate matchmaking; to enhance sharing of data, analysis, tools and best practices; to accelerate dialogues among various actors; to provide capacity-building training, thereby spurring industrialization through sustainable industrial park development while addressing challenges of knowledge gaps.

Knowledge sharing is one of the most valuable tools for developing countries and transition economies to learn from each other, develop effective institutions, build human capacity and create sustainable solutions.

South-South cooperation becomes a major instrument as it helps replicate and upscale good practices and facilitate technology transfer, contributing to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SIPP is a response to the need to stimulate dialogues and initiatives oriented towards increasing Southern solidarity and mutually beneficial partnerships to achieve sustainable industrialization.


What we do

By capturing, consolidating and disseminating international best practices, tools and knowledge, the SSIP will:


Connect policymakers, practitioners and experts


Foster partnerships and cooperation


Guide industrial parks planning and development


Provide capacity-building training courses 

Engage with us

Multiple institutions, including governments, universities, research institutes, development agencies and multilateral donors participate in the industrial parks development processes. The development of industrial parks requires a collaborative multi-stakeholder approach based on strong engagement by all parties and robust partnerships.

Partners are therefore invited to join hands with UNIDO and contribute to upscaling knowledge sharing and capacity development, through:

Supporting the dissemination of knowledge products, best practices and solutions with Member States and partners
Joining our network of global experts to exchange ideas, connect with potential clients and explore partnership opportunities
Providing expertise through relevant government ministries and institutions
Providing financial and in-kind resources to support the development of industrial parks
Evaluating the needs of technical support and expertise required for industrial parks development
Facilitating the exchange of technical expertise through the short-term deployment of technical experts

UNIDO Cross-Disciplinary Team on Industrial Parks-CDTIP

Mr. Dejene Tezera

Mr. Dejene Tezera

Director of the Div. of Agri business & Infrastructure Dev.and Chair of CDTIP



Mr. Eneyew Abera Gebremenfas, Lead Industrial Parks and Economic Zone Specialist

Ms. Petra Schwager

Chief of Division of Climate &Technology Partnerships


Mr. Jie Zhao

Mr. Jie Zhao

Chief of Asia and the Pacific Regional Coordination Division

Mr. Stefan Kratzsch

Mr. Stefan Kratzsch

Team Lead, Sustainability Stand.& Responsible Bus.Unit

Mr.Mark Draeck

Mr.Mark Draeck

Chief Technical Advisor Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency Unit

SIPP Management Team

Mr. Eneyew Abera Gebremenfas, Lead Industrial Parks and Economic Zone Specialist

Mr. Eneyew Abera Gebremenfas

Industrial Parks/Zone Expert and Project Management Specialist 


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