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Capacity Development for Sustainable Agro-industrialization, Ethiopia: Land Lease and Shed Rent Rate Setting Manual

The financial sustainability of an IAIP is dependent on the revenue it is able to generate (mainly via the lease and sale of land). If a lower price is fixed, it will affect the worthiness of the park for the developer, and if a higher price is fixed, the park will not be able to withstand competition. Therefore, the right price has to be fixed.

In view of this, it is imperative to provide legal and regulatory frameworks that should be taken into account by the Corporation and industrial park enterprise to help them understand regulatory compliance requirements during the process of administration, transfer, lease and sub-lease of industrial park lands for the designated investment
purposes in the IAIPs, RTC and PCCs.

The purpose of this manual is to determine the selling prices/lease rate of serviced land, shed rents, and other facilities and to prepare a Lease Agreement that clearly spells out the requirements and responsibilities of all parties to the lease.

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