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Eco-Industrial Parks Viet Nam: Socio-Economic Requirements. A review of international and Vietnamese experiences

This report was commissioned under the UNIDO project Implementation of eco-industrial park initiative for sustainable industrial zones in Vietnam, with the financial support from the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of the Swiss Government. In 2018, on behalf of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MIP), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) developed the Eco-Industrial Park Technical Guidelines for Viet Nam. Focusing primarily on the environmental and technical aspects of EIPs, the guidelines provide a framework for assessing and ranking EIPs in Viet Nam. Eco-Industrial Park Technical Guidelines for Vietnam are based on the EIP International Framework, and it provides a system of indicators and a related EIP ranking approach for Vietnam. The guidelines focus mainly on environmental indicators, but the international experience presented in this study shows that the economic and social aspects are just as important in assessing EIPs. The review of legal regulations on IPs in Vietnam also shows that many economic and social regulations exist specifically for IPs. These sometimes need to be specified further and systematized in order to improve their effectiveness and avoid overlaps in regulation.
Eco - Industrial Parks
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Viet Nam
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