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UNIDO and Switzerland to support Egypt with the development of eco-industrial parks

CAIRO, 17 January 2022 – The establishment of eco-industrial parks is considered one of the most important policies to accelerate inclusive and sustainable industrial development due to their ability to attract local and foreign investment. This creates job opportunities and increases income, while the negative impact on the environment is minimized. Eco-industrial parks facilitate the transition towards green industry by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing the optimal use of resources.

Nevin Gamea,  Egypt‘s Minister of Trade and Industry, and Bassel Al-Khatib, Regional Director and Representative of UNIDO Egypt, in the presence of Yvonne Baumann, Ambassador of Switzerland to Egypt, have signed a new project document to develop eco-industrial parks in Egypt. This project, funded by the Government of Switzerland, is part of the industrial zones component of the Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) in Egypt and is within the framework of the Global Programme for Eco-Industrial Parks, implemented by UNIDO in several countries, including Colombia, Peru, Ukraine and Viet Nam.

Nevin Gamea stated that this project is one of the most important interventions implemented in cooperation with UNIDO within the framework of the PCP, which is in line with the government's sustainable development strategy - Egypt 2030. She also indicated that green industry is no longer a choice, but rather a necessity, and all development partners must work together to increase economic performance while preserving the environment.

UNIDO’s Bassel Al-Khatib added, “We appreciate the continuous cooperation with the Government of Switzerland and the Arab Republic of Egypt. This project is part of the fourth component of the PCP Egypt, which seeks to increase competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of smart cities and eco-industrial parks.“

“The project will follow a new integrated approach, focusing on reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, while attracting investments and creating job opportunities in Egypt’s industrial zones,” Al-Khatib said.

This new agreement is part of the PCP in Egypt, signed in April 2021, which aims to achieve inclusive and sustainable industrial development. It includes six components: industrial policies and governance; investment promotion; green industry; smart cities and sustainable industrial zones; value chains; and Industry 4.0.

Note: An eco-industrial park can be defined as “a community of manufacturing and service businesses located together on a common property. Member businesses seek enhanced environmental, economic and social performance through collaboration in managing environmental and resource issues.” Source: UNIDO’s IMPLEMENTATION HANDBOOK FOR ECO-INDUSTRIAL PARKS

For more information about the project please contact:

Bassel Al Khatib
Email: b.alkhatib@unido.org
Muge DOLUN Ulvinur
Email: u.dolun@unido.org

or visit: https://open.unido.org/projects/EG/projects/190088

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