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UNIDO launched a series of Industrial Parks e-learning courses

05 November 2023 – The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has launched a series of Industrial Parks e-learning courses as part of its capacity-building efforts to foster the development of inclusive and sustainable industrial parks worldwide.

UNIDO’s Director General highlighted the importance of industrial parks as important tools to support sustainable industrialization. “UNIDO’s industrial park services include providing technical support, policy advisory services, and facilitating knowledge and technology transfer”, said Gerd Müller, underscoring UNIDO’s expertise spanning over four decades.

The launching video is available here.

These courses have been developed within the framework of UNIDO's Industrial Parks Knowledge Initiative and are designed to provide comprehensive capacity-building opportunities for a diverse range of stakeholders. This includes government officials, policymakers, representatives from the private sector, and members of UNIDO and UN-affiliated organizations.

Comprising three full-fledged courses, the online training package includes 25 modules, 175 lessons, and approximately 100 quizzes. These courses are designed to delve into the multifaceted landscape of industrial park development.

These courses distinguish themselves through their interactive nature, fostering engaging discussions by combining theoretical teachings with real-world examples. Expert lectures, case studies, videos, practical exercises, and quizzes form the cornerstone of this immersive learning experience.

Registration for these E-Learning courses is now open, providing participants with an opportunity to enroll and access a wealth of information in the realm on industrial parks. These self-paced courses span approximately four weeks, demanding a commitment of 8-10 hours per week. Upon successful completion of each course, participants will receive certificates acknowledging their accomplishment.

Looking ahead, the registration process will recur quarterly, commencing from January 2024, ensuring ongoing opportunities for skills enhancement.

Following course completion, participants are encouraged to join the IPP Network, fostering continuous learning and the exchange of innovative ideas. Selected participants may be considered for an exclusive on-site Industrial Parks Leadership Training Programme scheduled to take place China in 2024.

This initiative not only signifies a milestone in the domain of industrial development but also signals a pivotal shift towards accessible, comprehensive, and forward-thinking learning opportunities for stakeholders invested in shaping the industrial landscape of tomorrow.

Visit Industrial Parks Platform (IPP) here.

Visit UNIDO’s Industrial Parks E-Learning portal here.

For inquiries or assistance regarding registration and enrollment, please reach out to Mr. Eneyew Abera Gebremenfas or Ms. Renata Ridlovschi via sipp@unido.org.

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Mr. Zhao Jie, Regional Coordination Bureau for Asia and Pacific

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