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Name: Mr. Kjell Sundin
Title: Investment Promotion and Partnership Specialist
Organization: UNIDO
Email: K.SUNDIN@unido.org
Name: Ms. Yvonne Lokko
Title: Industrial Development Officer
Organization: UNIDO
Email: Y.LOKKO@unido.org

Investment Forum for Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks (IAIP) in Ethiopia

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Co-organized by the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) and UNIDO, two International Agro-Industry Investment Forums were held in Addis Ababa in 2016 and 2018. The forums focused on promoting investment opportunities, attended by epresentatives of the government, United Nations organizations, financial institutions, and the international and local business community. The investment forums aimed to mobilize additional private investment in light manufacturing, with a particular focus on the three key sectors of PCP Ethiopia – agro-food, textiles, and leather.

The forum attracted Forums’ participants included representatives of the Government of Ethiopia, investors, national and international financial institutions, domestic and international enterprises, industry associations and international organizations. The business to government (B2G) meetings showcased the work of national institutions and organizations such as the Ethiopian Investment Commission, and government ministries such as the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. B2G meetings also provided an opportunity for government representatives to answer investor queries on investment support services, programmes, incentives and frameworks provided by the different entities. The business-to-business (B2B) meetings linked interested investors with domestic companies operating in the agro-processing, textiles and garments, and leather products sectors.

Among others, the forums served as a platform to introduce Ethiopia’s  concept of IAIPs and to provide an overview of the business plans and investment opportunities in such parks. The development of IAIPs is a priority of Ethiopia’s national development strategy and a core component of the Growth and Transformation Plan. IAIPs are expected to boost private sector engagement, of both foreign and domestic companies, and address constraints related to land access, infrastructure, trade logistics, customs regulation and skills. The discussions provided insights on how IAIPs can trigger rural industrialization and the commercialization of the agriculture and livestock sector through public and private investment.


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