E Eco-Industrial Parks training*

This UNIDO Eco-Industrial Parks (EIP) training was developed under the Swiss funded Global Eco-Industrial Park Programme (GEIPP). The training is designed to create a common understanding on eco-industrial parks, aligned with the International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks developed by UNIDO, GIZ and the World Bank. In taking this course, participants will learn about key resources and tools available to support the identification, development, and implementation of EIP approaches in industrial parks in order to understand and learn about the opportunities, challenges and success factors for the mainstreaming of EIPs in their countries.

The online course consists of seven modules with interactive exercises, access to further reading material and the EIP toolkit which is a set of customised and flexible tools that assist practitioners in the elaboration of EIP projects and initiatives. 

Training Modules:

  • Introduction to EIPs
  • EIP Opportunity Assessment
  • EIP Management
  • Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)
  • Industrial Synergies
  • EIP Concept Planning
  • Implementation of EIP opportunities

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate. 

*Please note that this training runs on another UNIDO website and you will be automatically redirected when you click "register for training"

For more information, please see the Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme (GEIPP) at https://www.greenindustryplatform.org/initiatives/global-eco-industrial-parks-programme





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