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Eco-Industrial Parks Viet Nam: Prevention, preparedness and response to environmental accidents for communities, workers, and municipalities

This report is part of Component 1 (Review and analyze international and domestic experience on environmental accidents) of the assignment, “Capacity building in communities to respond to environmental accidents or disasters from industrial zones”. The overall objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive review of international and national experiences on prevention, preparedness and response to environmental accidents to ensure that all stakeholders are able to respond in a timely and effective manner. This report was prepared for Vietnam’s reference and use. It includes guidance for preparedness and steps to follow from emergency scenarios from other countries in the region, such as Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. Additional experiences and lessons learned from other international organizations, such as World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies (IFRC), etc., have been reviewed and considered while compiling this report. The report was prepared by the Center for Environment and Community Development (CECoD) within the framework of the UNIDO project “Implementation of Eco-industrial park initiative for sustainable industrial zones in Vietnam”, co-implemented by UNIDO and the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Viet Nam.
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