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Eco-Industrial Parks Viet Nam: Vietnamese policy documents for supporting communities to monitor environmental impacts from industrial zones

Capacity building is one of the pillar activities of the project “Implementation of Eco – industrial park initiative for sustainable industrial zone in Vietnam”. In August 2018, UNIDO signed a contract with the CECoD, to implement the assignment “Capacity building in communities to respond to environmental accidents or disasters from industrial zones” with focus on raising awareness and strengthening capacity of Vietnamese communities. The report’s general objective is to provide a comprehensive review of international and national experiences on prevention, preparedness and response to environmental accidents to ensure that all stakeholders are able to respond in a timely and effective manner. The report aims to review Vietnamese policy documents regarding the rights and tasks of communities in preventing and responding to environmental accidents/ disasters, as well as environmental protection. The report was prepared by the Center for Environment and Community Development (CECoD) within the framework of the UNIDO project “Implementation of Eco-industrial park initiative for sustainable industrial zones in Vietnam”, co-implemented by UNIDO and the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Viet Nam.
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