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ECo-industrial parks


Global Assessment of Eco-Industrial Parks in Developing and Emerging Countries

This global comparative assessment, carried out in twelve countries, was undertaken by UNIDO within the framework of its joint global Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) program with (UNEP. The programme is aimed at scaling-up and mainstreaming the application of RECP policies, practices and techniques with the underlying objective to improve resource productivity and environmental performance of industries, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The report provides an in-depth comparative analysis of the results of the country case studies, to understand the environmental, social and economic benefits. This allows the extracting of good practices and success factors and the subsequent formulation of future recommendations. This study contributes to the understanding and scaling-up of the environmental and economic benefits to a larger number of industrial parks and their occupant companies.
Eco - Industrial Parks
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