P Phase three - Resource mobilization and financing

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The financing of industrial parks requires available and reliable financial institutions and access to patient capital and investment sources. Financing opportunities and challenges both exist in developing markets and emerging economies and mechanisms need to be created to overcome these obstacles to mobilize sustained financial resources from diverse portfolios.

Infrastructure requirements for an industrial park can be grouped into three main parts. These may form the basis for attracting different types of investment and finance. These include:

  • Offsite, external or connectivity infrastructure;
  • Onsite/common infrastructure and;
  • Specialized infrastructure.

Industrial parks require financing for on-site and off-site infrastructure, including power and other utilities, internal roads, access roads common facilities and buildings and utility connections. They also require financing for private firms investing in the park and for management and operations. There are several sources of financing for industrial parks, and infrastructure, management and operations are typically financed through a range of public, public-private partnerships and private actors.



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